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We are in the business of providing information, management tools and consultancy service relating to real property maintenance and management.

Click on forms for a list of forms. For information to help one plan, decide and perform many other functions in real property management, click on info. You can also search for information on management corporations here. For the time being, the resources page lists entities (and their web adresses) that real property mangement practitioners may need to deal with from time to time.

The above items were developed in the course of real property management activities in the management of commercial, industrial, residential and public buildings since 1982, including experience in the area of property maintenance.

Besides being well-versed in the Land Titles (Strata) Act (Chapter 158), the years of experience are in property maintenance and management functions such as:

  • Financial management of management fund, sinking fund, maintenance contribution and other incomes.
  • Management, maintenance and supervision in
    • air-conditioning system
    • builders' works
    • car park system
    • cleaning services
    • electrical installation
    • fire protection services
    • fire alarm system
    • hot water supply system
    • landscaping and gardening
    • mechanical works
    • pest control
    • plumbing and sanitary system
    • public address system
    • sound reinforcement system
    • recreational facilities
  • Fire safety management

The above list is non-exhaustive - we welcome you to e-mail us for anything on property management which you may need - we are more than happy to have a no-obligation discussion with you to see how we can work with you in enhancing your property.

You can also reach us by completing our guestbook.

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